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Press Coverage of Brette’s Books

The Adoption Answer Book
Bad Apples: How to Manage Difficult Employees, Encourage Good Ones to Stay, and Boost Productivity
The Complete Adoption and Fertility Legal Guide
The Complete Credit Repair Kit *
AOL Bank Rate April 2009
Atlanta Journal Constitution Dec 2011
BankRate 2006
Belleville News
Buffalo News Mar 2007 *
Buffalo News Oct 2001
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Coulee Parenting
Consumers Digest Sept/Oct 2006 May 2008 July 2016
CreditCardGuide April 2016 Dec 2008 June 2009
CTW Features
The Daily Record
Detroit Free Press Jan 2012 June 2011
eHow Feb 2011-1
eHow Feb 2011-2
Frequent Flyer
Harmony * * Sept 2008

Long Island Bride and Groom 2013 Digital Edition
Made Manual
Money Mistakes*
Mooresville-Decatur Times
Mountain Parent
OAG Official Traveler
The Olympian June 2010
Parents Magazine Aug 2006
Porterville Recorder
Pregnancy Today April 2009 Feb 2012 * *
The Tribute (New Albany, Indiana) * * My interview about this book was chosen as one of the 50 most interesting or controversial interviews the owner has done over the last 35 years. *
Yahoo News

* For previous edition of book: Repair Your Credit and Deal with Debt

The Complete Divorce Guide

The Complete Gay Divorce

Adelante Magazine
Bay Windows
Girlfriends Magazine
Edge Boston
In Los Angeles
My Family Law Review

The Complete Guide to Senior Care, 2nd Edition Oct 2016
Chicago Tribune
WKTV Journal

Cookie: A Love Story
The Divorce Organizer & Planner, 2nd Edition
The Essential Supervisor's Handbook
The Everything Kids' Money Book
Gay & Lesbian Medical Rights
Gay & Lesbian Parenting Choices
Gay & Lesbian Rights, 2nd Edition
The Gluten-Free Guide to Travel
How to Avoid Returning to Family Court
How to Parent with Your Ex
The Infertility Answer Book

Adopt Vietnam *
Chicago Parent Nov 2008
Conceive Magazine *
Conceive Online
ePregnancy Magazine *
Figure May 2007
Natural Birth and Baby Care
Pregnancy Jan 2006
Publishers Weekly *

* For previous edition of book: The Complete Adoption & Fertility Legal Guide

Leftover Love: 52 Creative Recipes for Using Your Leftovers
The No-Fight Divorce Book
The Organized Kitchen
The Original Muffin Tin Cookbook
The Parchment Paper Cookbook
The Practical Pregnancy Planner by Brette Sember
Project Management That Works

American Management Association

Rebuild Your Finances After Divorce
Seniors' Rights, 2nd Edition
Save Money On Your Divorce
Unmarried with Children: The Complete Guide for Unmarried Families
Family Motor Coaching (PDF)
Portland Family
Pregnancy.Org Pg 1, Pg 2
Pregnancy Today

WWII Battle Trivia for Kids
Your Plus-Sized Pregnancy & Beyond