ClassesWrite and Sell Legal Content Writing Class
Develop Your Skills, Know the Market, and Make Money in this Profitable Niche Area

This self-paced course offers 11 lessons for beginning or experienced writers. Learn about the legal content market, how to write for this market, where to find work, and how to prepare samples. The course includes assignments which I will review and provide feedback on. At the end of the course writers will have samples they can use as well as templates to work with for seeking work.

I have worked in the legal content area for 25 years writing books, blogs, articles, web sites, white pages, and more. In this class I’ll share my years of experience and help writers tap into this lucrative market.

What People Are Saying

As a freelance writer who self-syndicates health columns and sells reprints to many regional publications, I rely on Brette’s wonderful market lists, which she updates regularly and sells through her website. I earn thousands of dollars each year selling to these markets, and I highly recommend these lists to any writer looking to increase reprint sales. Brette is a real pro and she has a terrific product!

Kathy Sena
Content marketing writer specializing in automotive, consumer, personal finance, insurance, home, real estate, health

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