ClassesWrite and Sell Legal Content Writing Class
Develop Your Skills, Know the Market, and Make Money in this Profitable Niche Area

The legal content market is a burgeoning, ever-growing content niche that pays well and provides significant opportunities for writers. You don’t have to be a lawyer to write and sell legal content! Just as most medical writers are not doctors, you don’t have to have a law degree to write about the law.

Learn about:

• The legal content market

• How to write for this market

• Where to find assignments

• Ways to maximize your income

• How to prepare samples so you can get work

You will learn how to write for:

• Legal information sites

• Sites and publications that discuss legal topics occasionally

• Law firms

•Companies that sell products and services to law firms

• Companies that are in related professional fields such as accounting, real estate, and more

This self-paced course offers 11 lessons for beginning or experienced writers, as well as a bonus lesson for lawyers who would like to write for this market. The course includes assignments which I will review and provide feedback on. At the end of the course writers will have samples they can use, as well as templates to work with for seeking work.

Plan to spend up to two hours per lesson and submit your assignments at your own page.

I have worked in the legal content area for 25 years writing books, blogs, articles, websites, white pages, and more. I also edit legal content for Forbes and Virtuoso Content.

In this class I’ll share all the tips and secrets from my years of experience and help writers tap into this lucrative market. Get started now so you can add this specialty to your services!

Course Overview

Develop Your Skills, Know the Market, and Make Money in this Profitable Niche Area
  • Lesson One: What Is Legal Content Writing?
  • Lesson Two: Getting Started with Legal Content
  • Lesson Three: Legal Research
  • Lesson Four: Key Components of Legal Content Writing
  • Lesson Five: Writing Legal Content Articles and Blogs
  • Lesson Six: Writing Law Firm Practice Pages
  • Lesson Seven: Writing Ebooks or White Papers
  • Lesson Eight: Presenting Yourself as a Legal Content Writer
  • Lesson Nine: Finding Legal Content Work
  • Lesson Ten: Doing the Work
  • Lesson Eleven: Getting Paid
  • Bonus Lesson Twelve: Lawyers Becoming Legal Content Writers

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