Brette Sember has been working as a freelancer for almost 20 years. Her work has appeared in over 225 print publications and countless online sites. (Complete List of Magazine and Website Contributions) She has worked as a staff writer, regular contributor, blogger, columnist, and more for a variety of magazines and sites. She writes about travel, law, parenting, divorce, business, social media, health, food, entertainment, and education and also writes personal essays and humor pieces.

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Agency Clips

Wake Up to the Truth About Sleep Myths (The Better Sleep Council)

The ABCs of Getting Their ZZZs (The Better Sleep Council)

Extreme Remake: Bedroom Edition (The Better Sleep Council)

Set Your Clock for Good Sleep (The Better Sleep Council)

Sleep Surveys Share Snooze Secrets (The Better Sleep Council)

Moms and Dads Dread Time Change (The Better Sleep Council)

Americans Are Hungrier for Sleep Than Sex (The Better Sleep Council)


A Quick Guide to Opening Your Own Home Doggie Daycare (Avvo Stories)

Is Your Company on the Hook If You’re Hacked (Avvo Stories)

Incentives for Women-Owned Businesses (

The Numbers Behind Direct Mail (

Tips to Avoid Small Business Bankruptcy (

What You Need to Know to Close Your Business (

The Cost of Restaurant Staff: What Can You Charge Them For? (Toast)

How To Make Money Running a Nonprofit (

How Small Business Employees Can Travel Cheaper (

What Makes an LLC Different from a PLLC (

Cyber Monday 2015: Tips to Help Your Business Increase Sales (

How to Obtain a Tax ID for an LLC (

Investing Wisely: Tips for Using Your Savings to Start a Business (


How to Speed Up Your Divorce (Avvo Stories)

When Teens Call the Shots: Adjusting Your Parenting Plan (Avvo Stories)

Divorce Too Expensive? Try Crowdfunding It (Avvo Stories)

There’s a Reason Hollywood Has a Divorce Season (Avvo Stories)

Who Gets The Dog in a Divorce? (Avvo Stories)

Do You Need a Catholic Annulment? The Pope Can Help. (Avvo Stories)

Why a Good Divorce Is Better Than a Bad Marriage for Kids (

The ABC’s of Alimony (

Caution: How Reconciliation Can Sabotage Your Divorce (

Why You Need a Social Media Clause in Your Divorce (

Taking Kids to Court (Big Apple Parent)

Kids’ Role in Co-Parenting (Boston Parents Paper)

A Profile of the Court Appointed Special Advocates Program (Placement Magazine)


Want to Homeschool Your Kid? You’ll Have to Study Up (Avvo Stories)

Why Can’t We Afford Mandatory Kindergarten (Avvo Stories)

Is the DOE About To Through Half a Million People Into Debt (Avvo Stories)

Immigration and Migration: In Context (Gale/Cengage, 2017) textbook, adoption entry

Cengage/Gale Learning Opposing Viewpoints in Context Database: Twitter entry

Cengage/Gale Learning Opposing Viewpoints in Context Database : Health care entry



Why I‘ve Never Gotten Over Princess Diana’s Death (

Why I’ll Never Regret Marrying My High School Sweetheart (

Fortysomething: Tug of War (WomensVoicesForChange.Org)

Coming Home (At Home Mother)

Confessions of a Ferberizer (Big Apple Parent)

Freedom Lost and Found! (MetroBaby)

Piercing (Brooklyn Parent)

Thanksgiving Our Way (Washington Families)

The Nap Conspiracy

Family Activities

Bring Spring Indoors (WNY Family)

Cool It (San Diego Family)

Making Mischief in March (Parent)


Mom and Dad Pay My Rent, But We Want to Live Together (Avvo Stories)

Mom and Dad Pay My Rent, But We Want to Live Together

How to Avoid Messing Up Your Bankruptcy (Avvo Stories)

How Rich People Avoid Paying Taxes (Avvo Stories)

8 Tax Breaks for Homeowners (

Late Filing Your Taxes? This Small Change Could Cost You (Avvo Stories)

The Financial Pitfalls of Unmarried Couples (Avvo Stories)

Investing Wisely: Tips for Using Your Savings to Start a Business (

What to Teach Your Kids About Credit (Montana Parent)

Repair Your Own Credit (Hudson Valley Parent)

Million Dollar Baby (ePregnancy)

How to Repair Your Family’s Credit (MetroKids Pennsylvania)

Buried in Bills (Hudson Valley Parent)


10 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Patriotic (Paste)

12 Ways to Use Leftover Eggshells (Mental_Floss)

7 Unexpected Frozen Foods to Get You Through Hot Days (

Surprising Things to Make in Your Blender (

Buffalo Chicken Touchdowns for Your Super Bowl Party (

8 Ugly Foods That Taste Really Good (

10 Hot Cocoa Upgrades (

7 Tips for a Successful Fondue Party (

8 Easy Make-Ahead Holiday Breakfasts (

That’s How the Cookie Crumbles: 10 Tips for Baking Cut-Out Cookies (

8 Ways to Use Pomegranates (

8 Swaps to Make in Your Pantry for Healthy Eating (

8 Swaps to Make in Your Pantry for Healthy Eating

5 Amazing Meals in Parchment Paper (

7 Winter Squashes Too Good to Overlook (

10 Foods You Didn’t Know You Can Make in a Muffin Tin (

8 Tips for Surviving Harvest Season at the CSA (

7 Things Restaurants Don’t Understand About Gluten-Free Diners (

10 Things I Wish Restaurants Understood About Gluten Intolerance (

Chomp! Chomp! (Spirit-Southwest Airlines)

Forget the Pots and Pans (

Martha and Me: Living the Martha Life (

Preparation is Everything (Pregnancy)


8 Surprising Things You Might Be Doing While Asleep (Mental Floss)

How Many Government Services Will The Elderly Lose? (Avvo Stories)

Pay Less for Prescription Drugs (MoneyGeek)

How Patients Are Improperly Drugged in Nursing Homes (Avvo Stories)

Aging in Place (

New Laws Improve Access to Birth Control (Avvo Stories)

Does Acupuncture Really Work? (

Should You Take Calcium Supplements? (

Can You Get Through the Holidays Without Overeating? (

Don’t Be Shy (Conceive Magazine)

Don't Be Shy (from Conceive Magazine)

What If You Have a Big Baby? (ePregnancy Magazine)

What If you Have a Big Baby (from ePregnancy Magazine)


An Angry Letter to the Manufacturer of My Body (Purple Clover)

Classic Brady Bunch Episodes If Made Today (Ducts)

30 Essential Rules for Parenting Adult Children (Purple Clover.)

Melania Trump’s To Do List (The Haven)

27 Ways Parenting a Teenager Is Like Dating One (

20 Things I Don‘t Miss About the 70’s (

A Handy Translation of Your Friend’s Recent Facebook Post (

Ways the First Day of College is Like the First Day of Kindergarten for Parents (The Haven)

Sex In Your Teens vs. Sex In Your 40s (

Signs He’s Really a Father (ePregnancy Magazine)

17 Ways I’m Going to Keep Downton Abbey Alive in My Life (The Haven)

20 Life Rules of Soap Operas (

14 Signs You Are Pregnant Again (ePregnancy)

10 Reasons I Hate Halloween (


How Many Government Services Will The Elderly Lose? (Avvo Stories)

How To Successfully Contest A Will (Business2Community)

Should You Buy the Insurance When Renting a Car? (

How To Move To Canada If Donald Trump (Or Hillary Clinton) Wins The U.S. Presidential Election (Business2Community)

How To Legally Officiate a Wedding (Seattle Bride)

10 Legal Considerations When Buying a Home (

Protecting the Elderly Against Guardianship Abuse (

Do You Need a Living Trust (

Why Does Everyone Hate the Supreme Court? (Avvo Stories)

Sofia Vergara’s Embattled Embryos (Avvo Stories)

It’s Your Birthright: Understanding Your Rights During Labor and Delivery (ePregnancy Magazine)

How to Revoke a Will (

Making a New Will (

Lifestyle / Culture

Should the Supreme Court Be Televised? (Avvo Stories)

Are Arranged Marriages the Secret to a Happy Relationship? (Avvo Stories)

9 Benefits of Taking Your Dog to Work (Mental Floss)

10 Things You May Not Know About Mother’s Day (Mental Floss)


12 Ways to Use Leftover Eggshells (Mental_Floss)

Clear Your Counters: 8 Small Appliances You Probably Don’t Need (


When Are Children Too Old to Trick-or-Treat (Avvo Stories)

When Teens Call the Shots: Adjusting Your Parenting Plan (Avvo Stories)

When teens call the shots: adjusting your parenting plan

8 Questions to Ask When Your Child is Traveling Overseas (Parent Map)

How Can I Keep My Kid Safe Online? (Avvo Stories)

Can You Legally Name Your Baby Anything? (Seattle Magazine)

Why Adopting from Foster Care Might be Right for You (

Home....But Not Alone (American Baby)

Parenting Apart: Coping With Visitation (ePregnancy Magazine)

Parenting Together Apart: Splitting Up the Kids (

7 Pitfalls of Co-Parenting (The Boston Parents’ Paper)

Four-Part Award Winning Series about Co-Parenting (

Co-Parenting - How Separated Parents Can Make It Work (The Boston Parents’ Paper)

Home...But Not Alone (American Baby)

From Stepmom to Mother (Fit Pregnancy)

How to Make Sure Santa Isn’t a Felon (Avvo Stories)


Don’t Let Sleep Elude You (National Education Association Travel newsletter)

Twin Islands Turks and Caicos (Vacations)

Finding Balance in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos (

10 Fascinating Practices on UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List (Mental Floss)

Active Weekend Getaway in Palm Springs (

How to Be Your Own Boomer Tour Guide in Japan (

Making Friends in Kyoto’s Arashyiama Monkey Park (

12 Reasons Bermuda Might Be the Perfect Island Getaway (

Active Getaway to the Adirondacks (

Gluten-Free Travel Tips Help Make Travel Tasty Again (

Gluten-Free Travel: Finding Local Specialties (

Family Travel to Black Hills (

Local Handmade Items Make Travel Memories Last (

Off the Beaten Path in the Finger Lakes (

St. Martin - Tropical Getaway for Your Senses (

Step Across a Loch Back in TIme (

Take a Whirl at the Windmill (Western New York Family)

Visiting Blarney Castle, Ireland (

10 Best Travel Food Experiences (

Travel Shopping Rules for Bringing Home Your Treasures (

Travel Shopping Brings Your Journey Home With You (

An Active Afternoon in St. Lucia: Mud, Chocolate and Sand (

Writing and Book Reviews

The Love of Writing: It‘s Kid Stuff (Writer’s Digest)

Leaves in the Tea (

The Dutch Institute (

Tangled Web (

The Lawyer’s Bookshelf (New York Law Journal)

Books for Back to School (The Family Forum)

Jog Your Journaling Memory (Personal Journaling)