Mary Meston

Brette is a great writing coach, cheerleader and editor in one. She helped me to work on big enough pieces of my book proposal to feel like ( and make ) great progress while keeping it from feeling overwhelming. From concept to proposal in just over 8 wks! Wahoo! I look forward to working with her again- on the full book when it gets accepted in the next few months.

Chanelle Bessette

Brette has become one of my favorite go-to freelance editors and fact-checkers for Her ability to turn around copy in a reliably quick amount of time with thorough edits has made her an incredibly valuable asset to our company. On top of that, she’s a pleasure to work with! Professional and meticulous, Brette would be a beneficial addition to any team that needs rigorous content fact-checking.

Deborah Regen

I hired Brette to help me with an ebook project and was quite satisfied with her work. She asked intelligent questions and gave good feedback as I provided first drafts of written text and she edited the content. Would be happy to work with her again on future projects of a similar nature and can recommend her to others seeking a freelance writer or editor.

Echo Garrett

Brette Sember is the most thoughtful content/copy editor with whom I’ve ever worked, and I’ve written 22 books. She is my go-to person as the publisher of Lucid House Publishing, and has done excellent work in several different genres. I’ve also used her services as an Indexer. Again, her attention to detail and timeliness are impeccable. I highly recommend her. In almost 40 years of working in
publishing, she is the best I have ever encountered.

Felicia Broccolo

Brette was a huge part of my book writing process. She gave so much incredibly helpful feedback and helped me bring my book together. The advice I was given was to DEFINITELY get a book editor, and I’m so glad I got to have Brette as mine!

Sandra Beck

Brette was a visionary for my book. She molded the concept, practically read my mind for the content, and organized everything I wanted to convey. Her writing is gorgeous and her analytical skills impressive. She was able to write in my voice, but better! I so enjoyed working with her!

Echo Garrett

I highly recommend Brette as an editor and book coach. In almost 40 years of working in
publishing, she is the best I have ever encountered.

Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig

After participating in a Hay House writer’s workshop, I came to Brette with an idea, but it was her magic touch that helped me make it a book. Not only she has many years of experience and can spot immediately what can make the book more fun, engaging and easier to understand, she knew exactly what Hay House would want to see in my book proposal and how to make it a great value proposition.

She helped me keep pace with her very prompt response and clear guidance.

Brette was my editor, my book coach and my cheerleader. I am now happy to say that thanks to her amazing help my book won the grand prize and will be published by Hay House! I couldn’t be more grateful for Brette’s advice.

Jamie Hillman

Brette is 50% artist, 50% coach, and 100% the reason why I have a publishable book that I am proud of. At the beginning of working with her, I had an idea and a desire to write a book; she helped me bring that tiny seed into full bloom with her structural feedback, detailed suggestions, and invaluable insights into the book world. Her experience as an author and writer are clear from her long list of accomplishments, but what may not be as easily quantified is her perfectly-timed pep talks, loving candor, and raw skill. I am incredibly grateful for her influence and her guidance through writing—what will always be—my first book. As I inevitably go on to write a second book, I will carry with me the lessons and care from the experience of working with her, and I’m already looking forward to working with her again one day.

Julie Pfitzinger

Brette Sember has written several stories for Next Avenue, and I greatly enjoy working with her. She has a keen sense of the types of topics that will resonate with our readers, and her writing style is one that’s a great fit for our site.