Adam Kosloff

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brette on several editing and writing projects. She has a fluid style, mega editorial chops, and legal writing acumen. Brette is also easy to work with and always open to feedback–I highly recommend her services.

C. Jay Stratoudakis

“When I asked my literary agent for a referral to a top-notch editor who could turn a good proposal into a great proposal at a reasonable expense and had the patience to deal with a new author, she recommended Brette because of her amazing range of skills.

After Brette worked her unobtrusive magic on my proposal (it was still my voice) it sold. As a new author, I had no idea how long it would take to go from signing a contract with a publisher to signing off on a book, but Brette has been with me every step of the way. Working with Brette on editing my manuscript, I was often amazed at her ability to fix a rough spot.

I felt Brette was reading my mind. She is an expert book doctor. She followed my thinking and my style of writing to meet me where I was at. As an English teacher I enormously value this skill. This means that the way a rough spot is fixed is a perfect fit with the way I write. The revision is not Brette talking, it is still me talking – still my voice, not hers.

Over time, I asked Brette for help on a range of other tasks from condensing my biographical sketch to doing the index for my book, to giving me feedback on graphics used in the interior design of my book, to consulting on how to display endorsements. She has provided me with valuable perspective and guidance.

There were times when I was really stressed out over deadlines and she could get me to chill because she has written so many books and been through all the deadlines so many times that she has the best sense of how well the process is going in terms of the time constraints. She could tell me “we have plenty of time” or she could tell me “we have to move on, we do not have time to keep going over x or further expanding on x or adding new things.” I was always in awe of how fast she thinks. She would have a problem solved while I was sending her an email explaining what I thought the problem was.

So, if you are short on time and do not think you have enough time to consult with an editor, book doctor, ghostwriter – think again. I would absolutely call Brette. She works so incredibly well under pressure.”

Mary Rose DeMarco

Brette has been posting for our proprietary brand of pasta sauce, Francesco Rinaldi, for almost two years. She is smart in her approach to social media, but what I was especially impressed with was her keen knowledge of the target audience. She always knew what to post and how to communicate it – especially with her cooking background. Brett stayed true to the brand, resulting in an increased amount of likes to the facebook page. We were lucky to have her!

Donna Hull

When Brette Sember writes an article for My Itchy Travel Feet, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel, I know that it will be accurate and appropriate for our boomer audience. Brette submits her work on time and adheres to the requirements in our writers guidelines. It’s a pleasure to publish her work.

Kathy Sena

As a freelance writer who self-syndicates health columns and sells reprints to many regional publications, I rely on Brette’s wonderful market lists, which she updates regularly and sells through her website. I earn thousands of dollars each year selling to these markets, and I highly recommend these lists to any writer looking to increase reprint sales. Brette is a real pro and she has a terrific product!

Chris Adamec

A friend recently asked me to help her find someone to prepare an index for her book. I identified candidates online and Brette Sember was the obvious first choice, based on her extensive experience and her rapid turnaround. Brette carefully read the book and prepared an excellent index for the Black Woman’s Breast Cancer Survival Guide, one which will readily help any reader quickly locate information that is important for her. I would definitely recommend Brette again and give her five stars out of five!

Lindsey Smith

I run research for a quarterly magazine and contacted Brette after I found her in a database of fact-checkers. Normally, I find new researchers through my network and was a little hesitant to work with someone I didn’t know, but I was in a tight spot. I’m so glad I took the chance on Brette — she has quickly become one of my most trusted fact-checkers. She’s highly thorough, diligent, professional, and communicative. She has a critical eye, thanks to her legal background, and is able to dig into the smallest details. She exemplifies grace under pressure and can work with our most difficult writers. She consistently meets deadlines and proactively lets me know when she’s hitting a roadblock. She’s also just a delight to work with — a kind and thoughtful person.

Chris Schultz

Ive worked with Brette since 2019, and her indices always are highly detailed, comprehensive, and easy
to navigate. Despite tight turnarounds, she has always met the deadlines while maintaining a standard of
high quality. It has been great working with her—I cannot recommend her work enough.

Eric Parmenter

Brette created the Index for my book. She turned this project around in record time and did high-quality work. I highly recommend her.

Echo Garrett

I’ve worked with Brette on two book projects now. Both times she beat the deadline and provided an index that was excellent. I highly recommend her.