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Whether you need someone to write books, articles, projects, essays, web content, or white papers, I’m available to clearly communicate your information and bring your project to completion. I work closely with clients to bring their message, vision, and voice to the page.

As a ghost, I’ve worked on a confidential basis on books such as memoir, fiction, children’s books, and non-fiction including project management, relationships, business, learning skills, adoption, law, health, lifestyle, and more.

I also write articles, web content, ebooks, essays, and more on a confidential basis and work regularly for a large agency that works with high-profile attorneys.

My name does not appear on most of my projects, but some clients do ask that I use my name as a co-author.

If you have an idea for a book or article, need someone to do the heavy research, don’t have time to write it fully yourself, or want someone to organize and refine your message, I’m ready to work with you.

What People Are Saying

“When I asked my literary agent for a referral to a top-notch editor who could turn a good proposal into a great proposal at a reasonable expense and had the patience to deal with a new author, she recommended Brette because of her amazing range of skills.

After Brette worked her unobtrusive magic on my proposal (it was still my voice) it sold. As a new author, I had no idea how long it would take to go from signing a contract with a publisher to signing off on a book, but Brette has been with me every step of the way. Working with Brette on editing my manuscript, I was often amazed at her ability to fix a rough spot.

I felt Brette was reading my mind. She is an expert book doctor. She followed my thinking and my style of writing to meet me where I was at. As an English teacher I enormously value this skill. This means that the way a rough spot is fixed is a perfect fit with the way I write. The revision is not Brette talking, it is still me talking – still my voice, not hers.

Over time, I asked Brette for help on a range of other tasks from condensing my biographical sketch to doing the index for my book, to giving me feedback on graphics used in the interior design of my book, to consulting on how to display endorsements. She has provided me with valuable perspective and guidance.

There were times when I was really stressed out over deadlines and she could get me to chill because she has written so many books and been through all the deadlines so many times that she has the best sense of how well the process is going in terms of the time constraints. She could tell me “we have plenty of time” or she could tell me “we have to move on, we do not have time to keep going over x or further expanding on x or adding new things.” I was always in awe of how fast she thinks. She would have a problem solved while I was sending her an email explaining what I thought the problem was.

So, if you are short on time and do not think you have enough time to consult with an editor, book doctor, ghostwriter – think again. I would absolutely call Brette. She works so incredibly well under pressure.”

C. Jay Stratoudakis
author of SAT 2-Second Shortcuts

“Brette was a visionary for my book. She molded the concept, practically read my mind for the content, and organized everything I wanted to convey. Her writing is gorgeous and her analytical skills impressive. She was able to write in my voice, but better! I so enjoyed working with her!”

Sandra Beck
author of Motherhood Incorporated

“After participating in a Hay House writer’s workshop, I came to Brette with an idea, but it was her magic touch that helped me make it a book. Not only she has many years of experience and can spot immediately what can make the book more fun, engaging and easier to understand, she knew exactly what Hay House would want to see in my book proposal and how to make it a great value proposition.

She helped me keep pace with her very prompt response and clear guidance.

Brette was my editor, my book coach and my cheerleader. I am now happy to say that thanks to her amazing help my book won the grand prize and will be published by Hay House! I couldn’t be more grateful for Brette’s advice.”

Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig
author of Chica, Why Not? How to Live with Intention and Create a Life That Loves You Back
Grand prize winner of the Hay House Writer’s Workshop Contest

“Brette is one of the most prolific writers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She tirelessly powers through even the most difficult projects, leaving nothing but high quality work in her wake. A seasoned professional to the core, I am forever impressed with her talents. I would never turn down the opportunity to work with her.”

Stephanie Stiavetti
Graduate Student in Clinical Counseling

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