Stephanie Stiavetti

Brette is one of the most prolific writers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She tirelessly powers through even the most difficult projects, leaving nothing but high quality work in her wake. A seasoned professional to the core, I am forever impressed with her talents. I would never turn down the opportunity to work with her.

Claudine Jalajas

It was my first book proposal and I had lots of books on the shelves to tell me how to do it, researched the internet, but in the end my truest form of help came from Brette Sember. Once I sought her help for this overwhelming project, everything came together.

Brette clearly is a master at crafting and honing book proposals and helping you find your voice. She not only gave me practical advice but encouraged me to use my own voice in the proposal. I still remember her little notes, “Where’s that Claudine bravado?!”

My agent complimented me on the book proposal (I think she was expecting a mess from a first time author) and sold it to Running Press. The book is doing very well, and after 3 months of its release went into its second printing.

Tricia Easter

Brette is a literary artist! Her professional feedback is incredibly supportive and encouraging. She has a gift for helping me articulate my thoughts into writing, without compromising the integrity of my voice. I’m so lucky to have found her.

Mary Meston

Brette is a great writing coach, cheerleader and editor in one. She helped me to work on big enough pieces of my book proposal to feel like ( and make ) great progress while keeping it from feeling overwhelming. From concept to proposal in just over 8 wks! Wahoo! I look forward to working with her again- on the full book when it gets accepted in the next few months.

Felicia Broccolo

Brette was a huge part of my book writing process. She gave so much incredibly helpful feedback and helped me bring my book together. The advice I was given was to DEFINITELY get a book editor, and I’m so glad I got to have Brette as mine!

Robert Walz

Brette is a efficient, results driven writer. She takes content marketing seriously and understands how great copy can drive SEO ranking, nurture leads, and grow revenue. Her single greatest trait is her speed, which shockingly, doesn’t come at the expense of quality. I will (and do) contact her for ongoing freelance writing.

Lance Ghidotti

In my time working with Brette she has been amazing! As a project manager I work with dozens of writers and I find that the most valuable trait in my business is accuracy in the content and being timely with deadlines. Brette, has gone above and beyond in both of those categories she makes my job much easier and has helped me as a project manager become more efficient with my clients and makes building a relationship with those clients much easier. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be very happy with her work and her attitude!

Corrie Lynne Player, M. Ed.

Kristen Gough

Working with Brette makes any content project easier. Her attention to detail and strong work ethic are exemplary. I would definitely recommend her writing skills along with her quick ability to manage technical aspects of projects such as working within content management systems and understanding SEO needs.

Rick Morris