What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management provides professional direction for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media accounts. Interacting with customers, clients, and the general public is now a key part of business. Your social accounts brand your company and create a public face. Customers and clients immediately turn to social media to report problems, to look for new products, and to interact with the brands they are interested in.

A social media manager posts original content, interacts with other brands, interacts with customers and potential customers, shares content from other sources, and stays on top of trends, news, and online events that have relevance to your company and your customers.

Why Do I Need Social Media Management?

Managing social media accounts takes time and focus that you may not have. And like any specialized service, you want to rely on someone with skills and experience who can provide you with the best possible outcomes. A good social media manager understands your company, your clientele, your message, your goals, and your social media presence.

It is very important that your company’s social media voice is authentic and honest. This means that not only should your content accurately portray your company’s personality, but it also must follow copyright laws and use only authorized content.

What Brette Provides

Brette is an experienced social media manager and who manages content for several national brands. She is also an author and freelance writer with years of experience branding and marketing herself on social media. She provides daily monitoring of social accounts, original content, ads, interaction with your followers, recommendations for expanding your social media presence, and collaborative effort to increase your traffic, strengthen your branding, and improve your corporate image.

For information and rates, send an email.

“Brette has been posting for our proprietary brand of pasta sauce, Francesco Rinaldi, for almost two years. She is smart in her approach to social media, but what I was especially impressed with was her keen knowledge of the target audience. She always knew what to post and how to communicate it – especially with her cooking background. Brette stayed true to the brand, resulting in an increased amount of likes to the facebook page. We were lucky to have her!”

Mary Rose DeMarco, Director – Creative & Marketing Communications, LiDestri Food, Beverage & Spirits

“Brette’s expertise in all things social media has been an invaluable resource to our team. She is an outstanding communicator, guiding her audience effortlessly though every channel of social media. She is easy to work with, efficient, and incredibly reliable. I highly recommend her!”

Lindsay van Harssel, Manager of Creative Services, Chakra Communications Inc.

Brette currently manages the following social media accounts.


Franscesco Rinaldi Facebook

Costanzos Bakery Facebook




Pinterest_logoFranscesco Rinaldi Pinterest

Brette writes the following blog.