With her background as an attorney, Brette is skilled at careful research, document comparison, and critical thinking. She has fact checked articles and books for MoneyGeek, Alta Magazine, and 22 Media Works and enjoys taking the time necessary to check every box and verify every piece of information. She also fact checks clients’ manuscripts and applies her research skills in her own articles and books.

For information and rates, send an email.

“I run research for a quarterly magazine and contacted Brette after I found her in a database of fact-checkers. Normally, I find new researchers through my network and was a little hesitant to work with someone I didn’t know, but I was in a tight spot. I’m so glad I took the chance on Brette — she has quickly become one of my most trusted fact-checkers. She’s highly thorough, diligent, professional, and communicative. She has a critical eye, thanks to her legal background, and is able to dig into the smallest details. She exemplifies grace under pressure and can work with our most difficult writers. She consistently meets deadlines and proactively lets me know when she’s hitting a roadblock. She’s also just a delight to work with — a kind and thoughtful person.”

Lindsey Smith, Alta Magazine