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Brette Sember is an award-winning author, freelancer, ghostwriter, book doctor, indexer, blogger, and copyeditor. She is the author of many books, which have been published in four different languages, and articles which have appeared in over 140 publications and on many blogs and web sites.

Brette has worked as a blogger for the Huffington post, a ghostwriter, an editor for a small publisher, a contributing editor for an online magazine, a book doctor and proposal doctor, a columnist, an expert for web sites, and a contributing writing for many magazines. She is also a skilled and seasoned indexer and copyeditor. She writes often about law, parenting, divorce, custody, adoption, fertility, women's and family issues, business, credit, debt, pregnancy, health, senior issues, and children's topics. Brette is the recipient of the Mothers at Home Media Award, a Bronze Award from the Parenting Publications of America for a special series, and one of her books was a Ben Franklin Award finalist.