Brette specializes in developmental editing of nonfiction books, articles, and posts. Developmental editing is an in-depth look at the content, organization, and cohesiveness of a work. This is in contrast to copyediting which is a close check of grammar. spelling, and punctuation. As a developmental editor, Brette helps you work through your project to improve it, tighten it, and bring out its true message and voice.

Brette has been working in the nonfiction article, content, and book market for over 15 years and has developed a keen eye for what works and how to see the potential and full message of a book, article, or post. She works closely with her authors and clients, committed to having their voices shine through so their goals can be obtained.

She also offers specialized high-end fact-checking for financial and legal sites, books, and white papers.

For information and rates, send an email.

“Brette has become one of my favorite go-to freelance editors and fact-checkers for MoneyGeek.com. Her ability to turn around copy in a reliably quick amount of time with thorough edits has made her an incredibly valuable asset to our company. On top of that, she’s a pleasure to work with! Professional and meticulous, Brette would be a beneficial addition to any team that needs rigorous content fact-checking.”

Chanelle Bessette
Content Editor at ABUV Media